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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Managing Performance in the Public sector, 2nd edition Hans de Bruijn 25/01/2011
Managing People, third edition Rosemary Thomson 25/01/2011
Managing new Product innovation Bob Jerrard 25/01/2011
Managing E-commerce and Mobile Computing Technologies Julie Mariga 25/01/2011
Managing Cultures Differences, sixth edition Philip R. Harris 25/01/2011
Managing Change, fouth edition Bernard Burnes 25/01/2011
Managerment Accouting, Principles and Applications Hugh Coombs 25/01/2011
Local Players in Global games: the Strategic Constitution of a Multinational Corporation Peer Hull Kristensen 25/01/2011
Lecture Notes in Financial Economic A. Mele 25/01/2011
Leaderships Team Coaching perter Hawkins 25/01/2011
Labor Market and Enmployment Relation ships Joyce P. Jacobsen 25/01/2011
Knowledge Managerment and Business Stategies El-sayed Abou- Zeid 25/01/2011
Investment Appraisal Uwe Gotze 25/01/2011
Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis David P. MacKinnon 25/01/2011
Internet Policy and Economics: second edition William H. Lehr 25/01/2011
Internet Commerce Development USA 25/01/2011
Internet and Digital Economic Eric Brousseau and 25/01/2011
International Finance third Edition Keith Pilbeam 25/01/2011
International Business Geographry: case studes of corpora te firms Piet Pellenbarg 25/01/2011
Input - Output Economics Wassily Leontief 25/01/2011