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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Reforming agricultural trade for developing countries,Volume Two: Quantifying the Impact of Multilateral Trade Reform Alex F. McCalla, John Nash 15/12/2015
Recent Advances in Neo-Schumpeterian Economics Andreas Pyka, Uwe Cantner, Alfred Greiner and Thomas Kuhn 15/12/2015
Random Effect and Latent Variable Model Selection David B. Dunson 15/12/2015
Quantifying Consumer Preferences (Contributions to Economic Analysis) Daniel Slottje 15/12/2015
Qualitative Research in Sociology Amir B. Marvasti 15/12/2015
Public Services or Corporate Welfare : Rethinking the Nation State in the Global Economy Dexter Whitfield 15/12/2015
Evaluation theory, models, and applications Daniel L. Stufflebeam, Chris L.S. Coryn 15/12/2015
Ethnography essentials : designing, conducting, and presenting your research Julian M. Murchison 15/12/2015
Ethical Traceability and Communicating Food Christian Coff ; David Barling ; Michiel Korthals; Thorkild Nielsen 15/12/2015
Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 8th Edition Frederick J Gravetter and Larry B. Wallnau 15/12/2015
Essays on the great depression Ben S. Bernanke. 15/12/2015
Environmental Values in a Globalising World: Nature, justice and governance Jouni Paavola and Ian Lowe 15/12/2015
Environmental Policy in an International Perspective Laura Marsiliani ; Michael Rauscher ; Cees Withagen 15/12/2015
Environmental Management and Governance : Advances in Coastal and Marine Resources Charles W. Finkl ; Christopher Makowski 15/12/2015
Environmental Impact Assessment for Developing Countries Asit K. Biswas; S. B. C. Agarwal 15/12/2015
Environmental economics ,Vol.1.Theories P. Nijkamp 15/12/2015
Environmental & Natural Resource Economics Tom Tietenberg; Lynne Lewis 15/12/2015
Entrepreneurship : An international introduction Dafna Kariv 15/12/2015
Energy Access, Poverty,and development: the governance of small-scale renewable Energy in developing Asia Benjamin sovacool and Ira martina drupady. 15/12/2015
Encyclopedia of environment and society Paul robbins 15/12/2015