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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility Samuel O. Idowu 15/12/2015
Emerging Economies: Food and Energy Security, and Technology and Innovation Parthasarathi Shome ; Pooja Sharma 15/12/2015
Electronic democracy : mobilisation, organisation and participation via new ICTs Rachel K. Gibson, Andrea Rommele 15/12/2015
Education and the Historic Environment Don Henson, Peter Stone ; Mike Corbishley 15/12/2015
Ecosystem Services and Management Strategy in China Yiyu Chen ; Beate Jessel ; Bojie Fu 15/12/2015
Economics Today Roger LeRoy Miller 15/12/2015
Experts and Consensus in Social Science Carlo Martini; Marcel Boumans 15/12/2015
Economics Paul Krugman; Robin Wells 15/12/2015
Economic Methodology: A historical introduction Harro Maas 15/12/2015
Econometrics Informing Natural Resources Management Phoebe Koundouri 15/12/2015
Eco-Management Accounting Matteo Bartolomeo; Martin Bennett 15/12/2015
E-Entrepreneurship and ICT Ventures: Strategy, Organization and Technology Tobias Kollmann; Andreas Kuckertz; Christoph Stockmann 15/12/2015
Dynamic Economics: Quantitative Methods and Applications Jerome Adda ; Russell Cooper 15/12/2015
Driving strategic change in financial services Bernard Taylor ; Ian Morison 15/12/2015
Discrete Choice Experiments in Marketing Klaus Zwerina 15/12/2015
Digital Government: E-Government Research, Case Studies, and Implementation Hsinchun Chen, Lawrence Brandt, Valerie Gregg 15/12/2015
Deve loping Payment for Ecosystem Services Scott Cole ; Ana P Aponte ; Linus Hasselstrom 15/12/2015
Determining sample size : balancing power, precision, and practicality Patric k Dattalo 15/12/2015
Designing Qualitative Research Uwe Flick 15/12/2015
Design for Outdoor Recreation Simon Bell 15/12/2015
Decision Support Systems : Water Resources Planning Daniel P Loucks ; Joao R.da Costa 15/12/2015
Data Mining: The Textbook Charu C. Aggarwal 15/12/2015
Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance : Theory and Practice Samuel O. Idowu ; Claus Strue Frederiksen 15/12/2015
China’s Economic Powerhouse : Reform in Guangdong Province Tung X. Bui; David C. Yang ; Wayne D. Jones 15/12/2015
A course in time series analysis Daniel Pefia, George C. Tiao, Ruey S. Tsay. 15/12/2015
Family business models: Practical solutions for the family business Alberto Gimeno, Gemma Baulenas & Joan Coma-Cros 15/12/2015
Innovation and Product Management: A Holistic and Practi cal Approach to Uncertainty Reduction Kurt Gaubinger; Michael Rabl; Scott Swan ;Thomas Werani 15/12/2015
Hydrogeological and Environmental Investigations in Karst Systems Bartolomé Andreo ; Francisco Carrasco Juan José Durán ; Pablo Jiménez 15/12/2015
Multilevel and longitudinal modeling with IBM SPSS Ronald H. Heck, Scott L. Thomas, Lynn N. Tabata. 15/12/2015
Developing information systems James Cadle 15/12/2015
Introduction to Time Series Using Stata Sean Becketti 15/12/2015
Project Health Assessment Paul S. Royer, PMP 15/12/2015
River Basin Management in the Twenty- first Century: Understanding People and Place Victor R. Squires; Hugh M. Milner 15/12/2015
Financial Innovation in Retail and Corporate Banking Luisa Anderloni, David T. Llewellyn and Reinhard H. Schmidt 15/12/2015
A primer on partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) Joseph F. Hair, Jr. ; G.Tomas M. Hult 15/12/2015
Applied, Concept, Mapping: Capturing, Analyzing, and Organizing Knowledge Brian M. Moonn ;Robert R. Hoffman; Joseph D. Novakn Alberto J. Canas 15/12/2015
The SAGE Handbook of : Tourism Studies Tazim Jamal ; Mike Robinson 15/12/2015
Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing Jagdish N. Sheth and Naresh K. Malhotra. 15/12/2015
Test Scoring Thissen, David.; Wainer, Howard 15/12/2015
Achieving Excellence in Stakeholder Management Joachim Scharioth , Margit Huber 15/12/2015