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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Supply Chain Management: TRATEGY, PLANNING, AND OPERATION Sunil Chopra; Peter Meindl 15/12/2015
the Measurement of electronic service Quality: improvements and application Grégory Bressolles, Jacques Nantel 15/12/2015
Business to Business Marketing Management : A global perspective Alan Zimmerman ; Jim Blythe 15/12/2015
Statistics: The Exploration and Analysis of Data, Seventh Edition Roxy Peck, Jay L. Devore 15/12/2015
Discrete Choice Experiments in Marketing Klaus Zwerina 15/12/2015
Government versus markets : the changing economic role of the state Vito Tanzi 15/12/2015
Epistemic Game Theory: Reasoning and Choice Andrés Perea 15/12/2015
Multivariate Data Analysis in Sensory and Consumer Science Garmt B. Dijksterhuis 15/12/2015
The Emergence of Entrepreneurial Economics, Volume 9 (Research on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy) G. T. Vinig ; R. C. W. Van Der Voort 15/12/2015
The Evolution of Economic Thought, Eighth Edition Stanley L. Brue and Randy R. Grant 15/12/2015