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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business Fons Trompenaars, Charles Hampden Turner 15/12/2015
Redesigning Social Inquiry Fuzzy Sets and Beyond Charles C. Ragin. 15/12/2015
Readings in the Economics of the Division of Labor: The Classical Tradition Guang-Zhen Sun 15/12/2015
Quantitative risk management: a practical guide to financial risk Thomas S. Coleman. 15/12/2015
Quality Assurance in Healthcare Service Delivery, Nursing, and Personalized Medicine: Technologies and Processes Athina Lazakidou; Andriani Daskalaki 15/12/2015
Qualitative research : studying how things work Robert E. Stake. 15/12/2015
Public participation in sustainability science. Bernd Kasemir, Jill Jager, Carlo C. Jaeger, Matthew T. Gardner 15/12/2015
Evaluating Value-Added Models for Teacher Accountability Dan McCaffrey 15/12/2015
Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Beginner’s Guide Jan Blommaert and Dong Jie 15/12/2015
Everyone is a customer : a proven method for measuring the value of every relationship in the era of collaborative business Jeffrey Shuman and Janice Twombly, with David Rottenberg. Jeffrey Shuman and Janice Twombly, with David Rottenberg 15/12/2015
Essentials of Investments Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus 15/12/2015
Equity Valuation: Models from Leading Investment Banks Jan Viebig ; Thorsten Poddig ; Armin Varmaz 15/12/2015
Environmental Sustainability : Role of Green Technologies P.Thangavel ; G. Sridevi 15/12/2015
Environmental Options: Accounting for Sustainability Kimio Uno 15/12/2015
Excel Data Analysis: Modeling and Simulation Hector Guerrero 15/12/2015
EnvironmEntal Ethics intercultural Perspectives King-tak Ip 15/12/2015
Needs for Environmental Data Management N. B. Harmancioglu, M. N. Alpaslan, V. P. Singh 15/12/2015
Environment and Livelihoods in Tropical Coastal Zones: Managing Agriculture–Fishery–Aquaculture Conflicts Chu Thai Hoanh; To Phuc Tuong;John W. Gowing 15/12/2015
Enhancing Competences for Competitive Advantage Advances in Applied Business Strategy, Volume 12 Ron San chez; Aime´ Heene 15/12/2015
The Encyclopedia of Public Choice ; Volume I Charles K. Rowley ; Friedrich Schneider 15/12/2015