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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Revenue Management with Flexible Products : Models and Methods for the Broadcasting Industry Michael Muller; Bungart 15/12/2015
Reconstructing Keynesian Macroeconomics Volume 1 Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel ; Willi Semmler 15/12/2015
Readings in Accounting for Management Control Clive Emmanuel ; David Otley 15/12/2015
Quantitative psychological research : a student’s handbook David Clark-Carter 15/12/2015
Quality and Qualities: Tensions in Education Reforms Clementina Acedo; Don Adams; Simona Popa 15/12/2015
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal 15/12/2015
Public Finance and Public Policy Arye L. Hillman 15/12/2015
Evaluating public and community health programs Muriel J. Harris 15/12/2015
Ethic s for the Infor mat ion Age Michael J. Quinn 15/12/2015
Essentials of supply chain management Michael Hugos 15/12/2015
Essential tools for organizational performance : tools, models and approaches for managers and consultants Simon A. Burtonshaw-Gunn and Malik G. Salameh 15/12/2015
Epistemic Governance in Higher Education David F.J. Campbell ; Elias G. Carayannis 15/12/2015
Environmental Risks and Insurance: A comparative Analysis of the Role of Insurance in the Management of Environment-Related Risks Policy Issues in Insurance 15/12/2015
Environmental Management of River Basin Ecosystems Mu. Ramkumar ; K. Kumaraswamy; R. Mohanraj 15/12/2015
Environmental leadership : a reference handbook Deborah Rigling Gallagher 15/12/2015
Environmental Economics for Non-Economists : Techniques and Policies for Sustainable Development John Asafu-Adjaye 15/12/2015
Environmental and Material Flow Cost Accounting Christine Jasch 15/12/2015
Entrepreneurship, Regional Development and Culture Marta Peris-Ortiz; José M. Merigó-Lindahl 15/12/2015
Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Endre Bjorndal ; Mette Bjorndal; Panos M. Pardalos ; Mikael R onnqvist 15/12/2015
Encyclopedia of leadership George R. Goethals, Georgia J. Sorenson, James MacGregor Burns 15/12/2015