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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Logistics: An Introduction to Supply Chain Management Donald Waters 15/12/2015
Agribusiness Management Freddie Barnard, Jay Akridge, Frank Dooley and John Foltz 15/12/2015
Hands-On Networking Fundamentals Michael Palmer 15/12/2015
Interpreting Consumer Choice : The Behavioral Perspective Model Gordon R. Foxall 15/12/2015
From Adam Smith to Michael Porter: Evolution of Competitiveness Theory (Asia-Pacific Business Series Volume 2) Dong-Sung Cho , Hwy-Chang Moon 15/12/2015
Exploring creativity : evaluative practices in innovation, design, and the arts Brian Moeran, Bo T. Christensen. 15/12/2015
Measuring the performance of public services : principles and practice Michael Pidd 15/12/2015
Ecological Economics : An Introduction Edwards-Jones, Gareth.; Davies, Ben.; Hussain, Salman. 15/12/2015
Using SAS for Econometrics R. Carter Hill ; Randall C. Campbell 15/12/2015
Swiss inance: capital markets, banking, and the Swiss value chain Henri B. Meier; John E. Marthinsen ; Pascal A. Gantenbein 15/12/2015