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Ảnh Tiêu đề Tác giả Ngày cập nhật
Cambridge First Certificate Grammar & Usage Robert Obee& Bob Obee 15/12/2015
College writing: From paragraph to essay Dorothy E Zemach& Lisa A Rumisek 15/12/2015
CAE Listening and Speaking skill Diana Pie 15/12/2015
Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence John Oakland 15/12/2015
Selling and Sales Management David Jobber ; Geoffrey Lancaster 15/12/2015
Supply Chain Management: STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND OPERATION Sunil Chopra; Peter Meindl 15/12/2015
Organizational Behavior Stephen P. Robbins ; Timothy A. Judge 15/12/2015
Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Busines R.Kelly Rainer; Efraim Turban 15/12/2015
Multivariate data analysis Joseph F. Hair Jr, William C. Black, Barry J. Babin, Rolph E. Anderson 15/12/2015
The Study Skills Handbook Stella Cottrell 15/12/2015
Listen carefylly Jack C. Richards 15/12/2015
FCE – Listening and Speaking skill Virginia Evans, James Milton, Jenny Dooley 15/12/2015
FCE Results 2 Paul A Davies & Tim Falla 15/12/2015
FCE Results Paul A Davies & Tim Falla 15/12/2015
The Routledge Handbook of Events Stephen J. Page and Joanne Connell 15/12/2015
International Handbook on Social Policy and the Environment Tony Fitzpatrick 15/12/2015
The Value of Arts for Business Giovanni Schiuma 15/12/2015
Food Consumer Science :Theories, Methods and Application to the Western Balkans Dominique Barjolle ; Matthew Gorton 15/12/2015
Predictive modeling applications in actuarial science Edward W. Frees, Richard A. Derrig , Glenn Meyers 15/12/2015
Public management : organizations, governance, and performance Laurence J. O’Toole, Kenneth J. Meier 15/12/2015
Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, vol 2 G. I. Crouch, J. Mazanec, J. R. Brent Ritchie, A. G. Woodside 15/12/2015
Management and Organization Theory Jeffrey A. Miles 15/12/2015
Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making , 5th Edition Paul D. Kimmel; Jerry J. Weygandt; Donald E. Kieso 15/12/2015
Retail Strategy: The view from the bridge Jonathan Reynolds and Christine Cuthbertson 15/12/2015
The Second Century: Reconnecting Customer and Value Chain through Build-to-Order Matthias Holweg ; Frits K. Pil 15/12/2015
Rationa lity, Virtue, and Liberation: A Post-Dialectical Theory of Value Stephen Petro 15/12/2015
Quantitative Exchange Rate Economics in Developing Countries: A New Pragmatic Decision-Making Approach M. Rusydi and Sardar M.N. Islam 15/12/2015
Quality and Power in Higher Education Louise Morley 15/12/2015
Putting Stakeholder Management into Practice Margit Huber, Joachim Scharioth , Martina Pallas 15/12/2015
Public Finance: A Contemporary Application of Theory to Policy, Tenth Edition David N. Hyman 15/12/2015
Braving the Currents: Evaluating Environmental Conflict Resolution in the River Basins of the American West Tamra Pearson d'Estree , Bonnie B.G. Colby 15/12/2015
Event management in sport, recreation and tourism : theoretical and practical dimensions Cheryl Mallen and Lorne Adams 15/12/2015
Essentials of strategic management : the quest for competitive advantage John E. Gamble, Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., Margaret A. Peteraf. 15/12/2015
Essentials of marketing research : putting research into practice Kenneth E. Clow, Karen E. James 15/12/2015
Environmental Water : Advances in Treatment, Remediati on and Recycling V.K. Gupta; I. Ali 15/12/2015
Evolutionary economics, vol 2 Marc R. Tool 15/12/2015
Environmental management in practice, vol 3 B.Nath, L.Hens, P.Compton and D.Devuyst 15/12/2015
EcoProduction : Environmental Issues in Logistics and Manufacturing Paulina Golinska 15/12/2015
Environmental Economics and the International Economy Laura Marsiliani; Michael Rauscher;Cees Withagen 15/12/2015